Business leaders puzzled by process priority jigsaw

The Ricoh Document Governance Index 2012 sets out the impact today’s business environment is having on business-critical document processes – the core interactions that occur regularly and repeatedly within HR, finance, procurement and accounts, driving every organisation, keeping employees on board, cash flowing, and making sure businesses are meeting legal and compliance requirements.

Comparing the 2012 results with what we found in 2009, we can see:

  • Business leaders are puzzled by the process priority jigsaw, and as a result many are failing to ensure their critical document processes keep up. Big data, emerging markets and managing multiple vendors were highlighted as the main trends impacting their document processes in 2012.
  • Fewer than half have a fully developed and implemented document process management strategy, just a 4 per cent improvement since 2009. Meanwhile, many have set targets outside of a strategic framework, indicating confusion about the best way to ensure they keep up with the pace of change.
  • The last three years have seen an inverse shift in priority targets for document processes, with business risk replacing cost as the top priority. But new targets are replacing others, indicating businesses are struggling to fit them all together under a strategic framework.
  • Reviews are regular, but are they effective? Most businesses are reviewing document processes regularly, but the majority do not make changes as a result. This indicates businesses are adopting a high-level approach which makes it difficult to fully understand how these processes are being managed, what the bottlenecks are, and how to make improvements – not to mention monitoring the processes and implementing new ways of working on an ongoing basis.

European businesses can gain competitive advantage by mastering business-critical document processes, but the first step in this journey is to develop a rigorous process strategy for the long term.

Working with a specialist partner will help businesses solve the process priority puzzle, by:

  • creating a strategy to manage document processes with targets linking to business objectives
  • carrying out ongoing reviews that will drive change
  • fixing processes that aren’t working, to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the entire business.

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