Solving the document process priority puzzle

The process priority puzzle: the future outlook for Europe’s business leaders

It’s clear from the Ricoh Document Governance Index 2012 series that European business leaders recognise the importance of having document processes that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time – able to attract and keep customers, meet regulatory requirements and keep cash flowing throughout the business. But in many cases, they have been unable to keep their document processes in step with the rapid changes in technology and ways of working. As a result, systems are not always connected, data is often unstructured, and employees are unable to access business-critical information at crucial times.

This final whitepaper in the series explores the reasons why and provides four steps for business leaders to follow to ensure their document processes are fully connected and able to meet the needs of their business today and tomorrow, as follows:

1. Europe’s business leaders should become more involved in document processes, to ensure senior overview of the way information is created, shared, and used throughout the entire business.

2. They should consider working with an expert to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Document processes, the business technology used to manage them, and the people who work with them on a day-to-day basis cannot be reviewed or improved in isolation.

3. Employees should be more involved in any new ways of working. As the people working with these processes every day, it’s vital they are consulted, their valuable experiences and opinions acted on, and a change management programme is introduced to ensure any improvements achieve their desired results.

4. It’s essential to maintain an on-going process of governance and improvement. Doing so means any remaining bottlenecks can be identified and put right, and better ways of working can be identified and replicated throughout the business.

Those businesses that are able to master the management of business-critical document processes will be the ones that thrive in the increasingly global, fast-paced business environment of the future.

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