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Technology treated in isolation as businesses are tempted by the latest tools

Part 1 of the Ricoh Document Governance Index 2012 investigated how business-critical document processes were being managed across Europe. This second part of the Index examines the extent to which technology is working seamlessly with business-critical document processes (like invoicing, HR records management and procurement), and identifies the areas where businesses are struggling to improve due to inefficient IT. The key findings are:

- Key finding 1: Businesses have the latest technology, but aren’t optimising its use, and cloud adoption is on the rise but opinions are split as to whether it’s helping or hindering the management of document processes

- Key finding 2: There is a growing divide between the back and front office in technology investment, exposing businesses to bottle necks as information can’t be shared effectively throughout the entire business

- Key finding 3: Businesses advise others to maximise existing investments and to take employees along for the journey, but many admit to investing in the latest technology before fully understanding the functionality of existing devices

- Key finding 4: Technology reviews are isolated from process reviews, leading to disconnected document processes and making it hard to identify pitfalls and adopt new ways of working throughout the business

Working with a partner with expertise in both document process management and technology will help businesses to join the pieces of the puzzle together. By providing an overview of how both the process and the technology are working – individually and together – a specialist can identify opportunities to streamline and to remove bottle necks throughout the organisation. A specialist can also introduce a full change management approach to make sure employees are involved in any new ways of working so they are able to maximise technology to support critical document processes.

Working with a specialist partner will help businesses solve the process priority puzzle, by:

  • creating a strategy to manage document processes with targets linking to business objectives
  • carrying out ongoing reviews that will drive change
  • fixing processes that aren’t working, to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the entire business.

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