Document processes have far reaching impacts​

There is little doubt that optimising business critical document processes has a huge impact on organisations, by reducing business costs, and by improving efficiency, employee productivity and client service.

The Ricoh Process Efficiency Index shows that European organisations recognise the involvement of well-engineered business critical processes in delivering results. Increasing knowledge sharing, improving workforce effectiveness and reducing information processing errors will ensure that businesses are reacting faster to client needs, while also driving internal efficiencies and reducing enterprise costs.

Connected to the flow of information is the need to protect it and it is evident that further actions should be taken. In spite of the technology available, 36 per cent of European organisations admit that they have lost or misplaced important information, with one in 12 confessing they still do not have any security protection over their business critical documents.

The key to managing the far reaching impacts of business critical document processes is to ensure that there is a full end-to-end review across the organisation. Reviewing knowledge sharing, productivity and security as separate components will not achieve the desired improvements. It is essential for businesses to look at process, people and technology in combination to improve the critical document and information processes across their entire organisation.

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