Existing business processes across Europe are unnecessarily labour intensive

While the digital age has fuelled the ability to access and share more information than ever before, the Ricoh Process Efficiency Index shows that there is still significant room to improve the processes at the heart of the business. It is these processes that enable the true value of the information to be realised and maximised. The study demonstrated that European businesses are still heavily reliant on people intensive, manual ways of processing information.

Only 22 per cent of European respondents have a fully automated process for business critical documents. This figure highlights the huge time and process inefficiencies that exist inside European organisations. In addition to an increased risk of security breaches and information prone to being lost or misplaced, customer service is impacted as employees spend an unnecessary length of time processing business transactions. Furthermore they are unable to effectively share information across divisions, creating duplication of efforts and limiting the productivity of employees who are working remotely.

The research also reveals that companies are regularly reviewing their document processes in an attempt to implement improvements and efficiencies. However, the figures highlight that European businesses are failing to address these weak spots within their organisations.

A review of business critical processes must be driven by senior management and take an organisation wide approach. The end goal should be to transform and maximise the connectivity and relationships between processes, customers and employees. It is crucial that all employees across the organisation are involved.

This combination of people, processes and technology is the key to true document process optimisation.

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