Businesses play a risky game with document security‚Äč

Business information is one of the most valuable assets for any business; so it is vital that security is considered at every stage of a business’s critical document processes.

The Ricoh Process Efficiency Index shows that organisations throughout Europe are unnecessarily susceptible to security breaches and to losing personal data or intellectual property, and consequently risking the reputation of their brand.

Only 43 per cent of businesses restrict access to all electronic confidential business critical documents, and 24 per cent leave it up to individual employees to restrict access to their own documents. As a result, these documents are more easily accessed by anyone within – or outside – a business.

What’s more, just 39 per cent of businesses can audit activity relating to all their business critical documents, meaning more than half do not know who is accessing, editing, or printing all their valuable information. The situation is most significant in the Nordics and France, where only one in three organisations are able to audit all business critical documents.

Just as having a relaxed approach to document security can have far-reaching negative impacts for a business, optimising business critical document processes can have a wide range of benefits beyond simply security – including reduced business costs, and improved efficiency, employee productivity and client service.


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