Risky Business:  Are you in the 75%? 

If your business has experienced a significant risk incident in the past 5 years, you’ve got something in common with 75% of the companies participating in a 2012 IDC study sponsored by Ricoh.  C-level executives, business process owners and information workers worldwide said their companies have experienced serious consequences from these risk incidents including:

  • Failure to meet compliance requirements; 
  • Experienced a significant security breach; 
  • Had to undergo a major audit; 
  • Suffered a costly PR crisis
  • Lost major customers and key employees.

The culprit:  Breakdowns in document-driven business processes.  While executives believe these processes are unlikely to fail, and carry only a moderate amount of business risk when they do, the study found that the exact opposite is true.   Document process breakdowns are highly probable, leaving your business vulnerable to extraordinary costs and endangering your top line growth. 

Download this study to learn which document-driven processes were judged to be the least effective.  See whether your business is already doing the three things most critical in minimizing risk to your revenue stream, customer relationships and business growth.

For this study, “document driven business processes” are defined as processes that are governed or driven by information captured in documents. These may be paper (printed, scanned or entirely paperbased) or electronic, or they can migrate between the two.

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