How to add 10% to your Top-Line

Over 83% of respondents in a recent Ricoh sponsored global survey indicated that optimising customer-facing business processes could not only reduce costs but would actually increase revenue on average by 10.1%.

Unhappy customers inhibit growth. Survey participants having negative experiences from broken customer-facing processes:

  • Are less likely to do business with these companies (68.7%);  
  • Are likely to take their business elsewhere (60.1%);
  • Are likely to tell others not to do business with these companies (nearly 56.8%).

Any initiative that can both help reduce costs and improve revenue is a win-win that should be a priority for the entire C-suite.  And in today’s online, connected marketplace, increased customer satisfaction (or just as importantly, decreased dissatisfaction) is a compelling competitive requirement. 

Broken document processes not only detract from your relationship with your customers, but you can also lose productive, revenue-generating employees who become frustrated in their customer-facing roles.  The cost of replacing Sales people has been estimated at up to 200% of the employee’s annual salary.*

This does not include lost time and opportunity costs while finding a replacement, nor the customers they may take with them.

How can you smooth out your customer-on-boarding, respond faster to customer inquiries, increase collaboration between customer-facing departments and get more face-time with customers?

Learn about the threemost important document and information best practices you can employ to keep customers happy, improve the lifetime value of customers and help increase top line revenue.


* Graham-Leviss, Katherine. The high cost of sales team turnover. Entrepeneur, September 15, 2011.