Businesses to enter a new era of decentralisation

By 2020, new technology in the workplace will force businesses into a new era of decentralisation. 63 per cent of business leaders surveyed by the Economist Intelligence Unit, predict a shift towards a more decentralised business mode, with responsibility for business decision making moving from centralised management boards towards individual employees.  

The new era will not be typical of the decentralisation structures of the past which were generally criticised for their inefficiency, duplication and lack of consistent strategic direction.  Instead, businesses will take a process orientated approach. Critical information will be centralised so that data can be more easily received, stored and retrieved by employees.  This will ensure that their processes are more streamlined and efficient than ever before, and will in turn give employees greater authority to find the data they need to collaborate directly with customers and make important business decisions, without delay.

Supporting closer customer collaboration is essential as by 2020, business leaders believe that customers will be the main source of new product or service ideas.  Furthermore, 86 per cent of business leaders agree that customers will become an integral part of internal decision-making and that project teams will typically include people from outside the organisation such as customers and business partners.

In the new era of decentralisation it will be essential for business leaders to choose the right partners to help them optimise business critical processes so they are controlled, information is integrated and it remains secure. It should also be easily accessible by employees and project teams to act in the organisation’s best interests. Only with this approach can they reduce duplication, ensure consistency, and importantly gain an accurate insight into the costs that are being incurred across the business.

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