How compliant are you?

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Businesses play a risky game with document security

Just 43 per cent of European businesses restrict access to all electronic confidential business critical documents, and almost a quarter leave it up to individual employees to restrict access to their own documents. As a result these documents are more easily accessed by anyone within – or outside – a business.

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Healthcare, education and financial service organisations at risk of document compliance breaches

31 per cent of all European organisations in six key vertical markets continue to lose important documents while 24 per cent have no audit trail facilities in place to track and monitor the movement of business critical information at all.

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Existing business processes across Europe are unnecessarily labour intensive

While most organisations are conducting regular process reviews it is unlikely that they are supporting the elimination of information bottlenecks.

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Managing the costs of document processes in Europe

At least 362 million hours and €147 billion per year are currently spent on managing business critical document processes in Europe.

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Document processes have far reaching impacts

Increasing knowledge sharing and improving security and workforce effectiveness are key priorities for European organisations.

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