Laying the foundations today for a digital, agile future

There is widespread excitement amongst employees who place great value in a tech evolved workplace. But how realistic are their hopes? Companies that do not act today to build a more digital, agile workplace could risk losing key personnel to competitors or even not exist in the future. The research shows that before organisations pursue the range of innovations on the horizon, there is significant scope to harness the advanced technology and relevant processes available today.  

  • Internal collaboration platforms (first), web-based meetings (second) and follow-me printing (third) are the top three rated systems that employees currently do not use, but want to, in order to make their job more valuable today
  • Electronically stored information remains the most valuable technology capability, beyond email and Internet, for today’s employees
  • Although 6 in 10 respondents both use and find it valuable, 1 in 6 still desire but do not have access to digital information

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