Consumers call for brands to pay attention to individual needs

Brands need to be aware that differentiation has shifted towards the quality of customer relationships and making a consumer feel valued. At each stage of the consumer experience, brands have opportunities to win customer loyalty by delivering relevant and personal experiences. But what do customers really want, and how can we measure that?

The ‘Triple R’ research that was conducted by Censuswide and sponsored by Ricoh reveals what ‘good’ looks like from the perspective of a consumer, when buying a product or service from a brand. A total of 3,600 consumers across 23 countries in Europe and South Africa were surveyed to arrive at the findings of this study.

The customer journey was broken down into three seperate phases:

  • Reach: The ability for a brand to encourage engagement from a consumer
  • Respond: The likelihood for a customer to buy a product or service the first time
  • Retain: An aftersales experience that inspires loyalty and repeat purchase

Using these three phases, our report assesses which of Europe’s largest consumer-facing brands perform the best in building relationships with their customers during the reach, respond and retain phases according to consumers themselves. The top performing brands have been awarded 'Triple R-status' for perceived excellence during each phase.

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